Almost three years ago, I was shopping at an old antique store in Nashville. No reason in particular, just blowing some time and money before a studio session. I ran across this old George Washington axe hanging on the wall. It was a campaign piece for the first President. It had his embossed silhouette, one verbiage, was rusty and super ill looking. I was immediately inspired to inlay the piece into wood. I took off to Franklin, TN to a wood carving shop and bought some tools. I picked up a dremel tool and some sand paper. Spent like $500 dollars. The axe was already $300. Eight hundred dollars invested in less than an hour and I was off to find that piece of wood. I still didn’t know what I would do with the wood or why. I just thought it was a dope idea.

I ended up at this spot that sold salvaged wood back in Nashville. I found this crazy piece of pine. I loved the shape but it was twenty feet long. I could only purchase the whole piece. So I had them cut a six foot piece off and loaded both pieces in the truck. I got home, brought the pine and axe inside, and layed it on my living room floor. I put the axe on it in a million different positions… out of no where it hit me – a table! I played with the idea of legs on paper for a while. Knowing that if I was gonna make a table, I wanted to give it that SLUMERICAN feel. I knew I wanted it to be dark and hardcore. I wanted to work lightning bolts into it somehow. After about an hour of sketches, I had drawn three lighting bolts for a three legged table. At first they were just on the bottom of the table, but then I decided, “How fucking cool would it be if the lighting appeared to have struck the table and froze it in time as a table? As if God himself threw down golden lighting bolts and made imself a table to sit and think.”  That’s when I also realized the bolts and axe had to be dipped in gold.

With this drawing and raw materials, I started the next day on my project. I took a night and borrowed my friends work shed to dremel out the space for my axe and sand the wood down to a baby soft finish. Then, with the help of my boy Cam at Frankenstein Customs, I got my hands on the steel – quarter inch steel for the bolts. We worked out how to mount the bolts as if they appeared to run seamlessly through the wood. It would be nearly one year after between ouring and visiting Cam’s shop before I would see my table standing bolted together with the axe in place. Building a three legged table that doesn’t tilt and is completely sturdy takes time and a lot of thought. Not only did the angles of the bolts have to sit perfect, they had to be positioned on a curved piece of pine. The weight distribution was a bitch but we eventually nailed it.

I dismantled the pieces and had them sent off to be dipped in gold, real gold! Back on tour and away from Nashville, my golden lighting bolts and axe sat abandoned. It would be nearly one more year before I found the home to complete my table. Through a great friend of mine Tyler Clinton, I was introduced to a dude named Kyle Hix. Kyle was an expert craftsman, a true master at leather and steel work. I checked out his page and product over some beers in Texas and showed him photos of my table in pieces. I explained to him my furniture concept of Sittin on a Storm  and he immediately took to the idea. Like, literally started drawing pieces based on my table to go with the concept. He told me he was down to not only finish off my table, but to help create an entire line around it. And just like that… Sittin on a Storm  became a series. And now, an entire line of not only furniture, but of leather goods and hardware alike. Since our introduction, Kyle and I have collabed on over thirty pieces. Including my 2015 Harley Davidson Street Glide and a one of a kind SLUMERICAN MADE duffle bag, which has spawned into a river of amazing leather goods to come. All of our products are inspired by the power of a dangerous storm and the rebirth of life through fire. The wood and leather represent the dark clouds. The lighting represents not only the four bolts of our SLUMERICAN flag, but the power of earth’s raw electricity. Thanks for taking the time read the back story of Sittin on a Storm . Enjoy the collection.